Memphis Chick-fil-A Employee Fired For Placing His Mixtapes In customers bags.

Keopatrick defended his actions by saying his mixtape was “so hot”, it would keep the meal warm for hours.

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Memphis, TN – A Memphis man named Keopatrick was reportedly fired from his job at Chickfil-A at the location Wolfchase Galleria Mall  2760 N Germantown Pkwy Ste 268 , Memphis , TN 38133  for allegedly placing his “mixtape” in Mall customers bags with extra sauce. 

Keopatrick apparently included his rap mixtape in the bags within a paper disc holder. On the mixtapes was printed the title of the project; “ South Memphis N*gga with all da sauce” was printed on the discs with a sharpie marker.

Customer: “I bought my son a 4 Chick-n-Minis  and inside came a mysterious cd” says Sarah Platt, “I, like any other parent, would assume the cd was for children. I played the cd in my car leaving the mall for my son while we drove home and lord Jesus have mercy on Keopatrick, the mixtape was disrespectful. Not only was it completely inappropriate, but it was also the crazest set of bars I’ve ever heard” finished Platt.

It is believed that Keopatrick has been sneaking his mixtape in chick-fil-a meals for about 2 years already, and can be up to 30,000 meals. Keopatrick defended his actions by saying his mixtape was “so hot”, it would keep the meal warm for hours.

Oddly, no parents before Platt had confronted Keopatrick or even bothered to speak to the store manager about the mixtapes, experts believe the parents and children might have actually enjoyed the trap beats included in the mixtapes. Keopatrick has since been fired from chick-fil-a. 

We googled the name “Keopatrick” and found some of his music and videos.


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